Street & Alley Maintenance

The Street Department Maintenance Services Division performs a variety of functions to maintain streets, alleys and other infrastructure to keep facilities safe for motorists.


Division functions include:

  • Cleaning debris from streets and alleys
  • Connecting railroad track crossings into the existing street pavement 
  • Constructing street/alley humps
  • Cutting out, removing and replacing deteriorated pavement sections with Hot Mix Asphalt
  • Grading unpaved alleys
  • Level lifting and/or grinding pavement to eliminate standing water problems
  • Overlaying streets with Hot Mix Asphalt
  • Patching major pavement problems 
  • Patching potholes
  • Removing and trimming trees that have fallen into street/alley right-of-way
  • Responding to after-hours street maintenance emergencies
  • Sealing street/alley cracks to prevent subsurface moisture penetration

Maintenance Crew

When the Street Department receives a pavement maintenance request, the maintenance supervisor or crew leader investigates the request to determine the nature of the problem. If the problem needs immediate attention or can be improved with the placement of asphalt, the maintenance crew will make an asphalt repair, even if the street in question is concrete. This is necessary because the Street Department does not have adequate funding to immediately repair all deteriorated segments of concrete pavement with concrete. As the department prepares its multi-year infrastructure repair program, asphalt repair locations are evaluated to determine their priority for permanent concrete repairs.