Drainage Maintenance

The Drainage Maintenance Division, which is funded by the Stormwater Utility Fee, is responsible for maintaining natural and man-made drainage ways in free-flowing condition, reducing the risk of localized stormwater flooding, reducing stormwater pollution as required under the City’s National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit, and managing the municipal drainage system. Drainage maintenance crew functions include:

  • Bridge maintenance
  • Ditch/channel cleaning
  • Guardrail/handrail maintenance
  • Herbicide spraying of designated drainage channels
  • Local flooding remediation projects
  • Mowing of designated drainage channels
  • Placement of decals on storm sewer inlets
  • Removal of floatable debris in designated channels
  • Road shoulder grading to facilitate drainage
  • Storm sewer construction/repair
  • Storm sewer inlet cleaning
  • Sweeping of arterial streets on a regular cycle
  • Sweeping of residential streets on a request basis
  • Trimming/removal of fallen trees in drainage channels