Boards & Commissions

Serving on a Board or Commission

The American democratic experience is built upon the foundation of concerned and caring residents becoming actively involved in local government. Consistent with this principle, Garland’s Charter provides for the City Council to utilize resident volunteers to assist in carrying out the many functions of municipal government by serving on various advisory boards and commissions. Please give serious consideration to becoming more involved in helping make Garland the best city possible by applying to serve on a board or commission of your choice.

To apply, submit the Boards and Commission Application (PDF) or pick up an application in the City Secretary’s Office. For more information, call 972-205-2404.


The Garland Charter and Code of Ordinances establish certain qualifications that must be met by members of boards and commissions. In addition to special qualifications for service, a board member must:

  • Be a qualified voter at time of appointment
  • Have been a resident of the state of Texas for one year and of Garland for six months prior to the date of appointment
  • Have not been convicted of a Class A misdemeanor
  • Have not been convicted of a felony
  • Not be an adversary party to pending litigation against the City
  • Not be in arrears on City taxes, utility service charges, or other obligations owed the City