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Western Heights Tree Sculpture

  1. Western Heights Tree Sculpture Sign Up

    Sign up to have your tree evaluated to see if it a good candidate for the Western Heights Tree Sculpture Program. Trees will be evaluated based on height, circumference, level of decay, address and location on the property.  

    Not all trees will qualify, and filling out this form does not guarantee that the tree will be selected for carving. Renters may submit this form, but the homeowner will need to sign the Participation Agreement in the tree sculpture program if the tree qualifies.

    Design of the sculpture will require approval from the Office of Neighborhood Vitality. Design is largely dependent on the condition and size of the tree/stump. 

  2. Tree sculpture example

    Example of tree stump transformation

  3. Address of where the tree is located

  4. Tree Details*

    Indicate which of the criteria that describe the tree or tree stump that you are interested in getting sculpted. Please mark all that apply.

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