Active Transportation

About Active Transportation

Simplified, active transportation is people power. Walking, biking and skating boarding are just a few examples of active transportation. All modes of transportation are valuable. In recent years, walking and cycling for recreation, errands and commuting to school or work is growing in popularity around the Dallas-Fort Worth Region. A variety of mobility options that are safe and accessible could be provided for all of Garland residents.

Why does Garland Need an Active Transportation Plan?

An active transportation plan is an important step to increase walking, bike and non-motorized transportation options throughout the City of Garland. Development of an active transportation strategy and the prioritization of projects will help position the City for future grant opportunities and funding for infrastructure improvements. The Planning process allows the City to better align infrastructure investment with community passed projects. The plan will develop and prioritize a list of bicycle and pedestrian projects that when fully implemented, will increase active transportation opportunities and make it safer and more convenient for people wanting to walk or bike throughout Garland.

Trail Opportunities

The City of Garland has many opportunities to create a connected network of both on-street bike networks and off-street trails. Additionally, Garland has existing greenbelts, parks and multiple creek systems that could be connected by a trail system. The trail loop could connect neighborhoods to parks, greenbelts and would be an amenity for all Garland residents.   

For more information, call 972-205-2833 or email Rebecca Beckham.


  • Be a Bike Advocate: Attend meetings on the topic and provide feedback to City staff.
  • Create Neighborhood Groups: Gather your friends and neighbors and go for a walk or ride together. Walking and biking tighter encourages social interactions, builds community and can make you healthier! Remember to follow traffic laws and practice bike safety.
  • Be Bike Aware: Not everyone has the desire or ability to ride a bike and that’s okay. By observing posted speed limits, obeying traffic signs and signals and keeping an eye out for cyclists and pedestrians, you can contribute to a safer environment for both bicyclists and pedestrians.

Safety Tips

Check out these other tips that promote safety for bicyclists and pedestrians.

  • Wait for oncoming cyclist before turning left.
  • When parallel parking, look for bicyclists riding along the side of your car or approaching quickly before opening the door to avoid “dooring.”
  • Always allow at least 3 feet when passing a cyclist. It’s the law!